Data LossĀ 

You just cannot afford not to have a robust backup solution. It’s not just the pain of deleting a file by mistake but ransomware attacks are on the increase. You could end up paying a lot of money to have all your files decrypted unless you have backup copies of your data.

If disaster, like a fire, strikes your building and you lose your servers and computers, if you have a robust backup solution you can be up and running again fairly quickly, but if not you may be facing business closure and wishing you had given more priority to ensuring your data was being backed up.

Data Protection

We believe that the ideal solution is to have 2 backup systems:

  1. A fast, secure, automatic local backup for efficient recovery of data whether deleted in error or as a result of a virus attack.
  2. A secure, automatic offsite data backup system for use in a disaster recovery situation.

Making your backups automatic removes the need for a member of staff to remember to change the backup medium every day. Also many more backup copies can be kept in a local NAS (network attached storage) allowing you to go back further in search of a deleted file.