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Goldmine, the award winning CRM solution from Frontrange will positively impact your productivity.

Goldmine Overview

Goldmine CRM Software

Providing you with Marketing Automation, Sales Automation and Contact Management Software.

The Goldmine relationship management product line has mulitple editions, each developed with a unique person and organisation in mind. All editions provide extensive contact management, sales automation, marketing automation, scheduling and project management functions. They vary in the underlying technology and configurability.

Goldmine representatives are experts in identifying which solution will enable you to achieve your goals.

Goldmine Enterprise Edition: combines decades-long experience in sales, marketing and customer solutions with the latest .NET software technologies for improved access integration, process automation and configuration.

Goldmine Premium Edition: is easy to install and delivers a quick return on investment to support sales, marketing and customer service needs.

Goldmine Coporate Edition: is ideal for current Goldmine customers who don't need customer support capabilities.

Goldmine Mobile Edition: brings the power of Goldmine to the mobile market supporting iPhone, iPad, Android phones and shortly to come Blackberry support.

iGoldmine: is a thin client for Goldmine to enable remote users to work on the live Goldmine data.

Latest Features:
Dashboards: provide instant access to Goldmine data. With dashboards customers can quickly view sales, marketing and customer service business information for quicker response time to clients. Dashboards may be edited or added by clients so their exact business needs can be matched with this powerful real-time analysis tool.

Microsoft Outlook Integration: clients have a choice to use either Goldmine's built in email client or use Microsoft Outlook as their email system,